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Access hundreds of advertisers, publishers, affiliates and ad networks from around the globe.

What We Do

Earn more and drive more traffic to your business through affiliate marketing. Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, you’ll achieve outstanding results from our Affiliate Network.

The Digital Fuel Affiliate Network delivers profitable growth for online and mobile businesses, wherever in the world you’re based. Through dedicated client support, detailed customer targeting and powerful conversion optimisation tools, we are able to increase your sales performance, drive improved marketing ROI, and turn websites and apps into profitable revenue streams. Unlock the power of partnerships today and discover how our unique approach to performance marketing can work for you.


Your own advertising technology, made for scaling performance. One hub for your legal, offer and payout management, automated by technology and crafted with connectivity in mind.

  • One supplier agreement and terms & conditions for all your traffic sources. No more individual agreements and insertion orders as you can connect all your new and existing traffic sources to the DFP platform.
  • One place to track and optimise your offers. Add offers to the platform and target certain traffic sources with bespoke or general offers. Plus you can manage separate offers across mobile, web and app.
  • One marketplace for app downloads, affiliates and programmatic media buying.


Instantly get direct access to leading advertisers and affiliates working with our experienced account management team. They will advise and connect your business to the best traffic source for your needs.

  • Set up your advertiser profile and add your preferences based on your ad inventory.
  • Create unique postback triggers to track all key customer, supplier interaction and conversion data points.
  • Select a range of ad formats with all relevant code automatically generated.
  • Real time data insights and reporting.
  • Fully transparent network, meaning you can monitor every transaction.

Our Approach

We use detailed customer targeting, combined with helpful customer support and powerful conversion optimisation tools, to deliver more:

GLOBAL REACH Feature on the best publisher and affiliate sites in the gambling sector. Enter new markets fast and with confidence.

HIGH LTV Improve the life time value from your customers. Run campaigns for acquisition & retention.

ALWAYS ON 24/7 365 dedicated account management.

CONTROLLED TRAFFIC Integrated with leading attribution and analytics platforms, including AppsFlyer & Kochava, to ensure correct conversion attribution across all devices and advertising channels.

TARGETED TRAFFIC Direct access to App Stores, DSP’s, Native, Social and Search Advertising Networks.

CLEAN TRAFFIC Connect to the leading fraud & compliance tools to improve campaign performance whilst ensuring total compliance with measures set out by advertising & gambling regulatory bodies.


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