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New to Affiliate Marketing?.

Finding and being accepted by affiliate programs can be a scary task – especially for newer affiliates.

You may not have time to seek out the best affiliate program associated with the products you want to promote, and you may have applied to a few programs, but because you have a newer blog or limited traffic, you’ve been getting knocked back; this can be especially true when it comes to the major advertisers. More so if your email is a Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo address.

This is where Digital Fuel Affiliate Network steps in!

You focus on being a publisher. We focus on the monetisation. And for smaller publishers with little time or knowledge when it comes to affiliate programs, the Digital Fuel Affiliate Network is a win-win partnership.

The Digital Fuel Affiliate Network works much in the same way as when small businesses partner together to get group discount rates on products.

We have relationships with a wide range of advertisers so we can find and then recruit affiliates to use our affiliate network links.

Because of the volume of sales the Digital Fuel Affiliate Network produces via our affiliates combined, we are able to get higher commissions and can pay all our affiliates the same rates you would get as an individual affiliate sending a high volume of traffic.

So, we do all the work involved in joining the programs, receiving approval, dealing with payments and maintaining the correct affiliate links.

All you need to do is sign up to the Digital Fuel Affiliate Network then pull the links you would like to promote and add them to your website or blog. In some cases we may require you to contact your Digital Fuel Affiliate Network Account Manager for specific unique codes, but more often than not, you can pull your unique tracking link direct from your login.

Example; Sportsbet is one of the advertisers on our network. You select Sportsbet as the advertiser you would like to promote, then the code you insert on your page would allow us to automatically make that link an affiliate link with your affiliate ID – you earn commission if someone goes on to deposit on the Sportsbet website as a result of clicking on your link or banner. Simple!

Every advertiser or product you ever link to will be turned into an affiliate link, with no work or effort on your part once you’ve signed up to the Digital Fuel Affiliate Network. You get to focus solely on creating content and getting visitors to your site.

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