Incentive Marketing.

Create cross-sell, retention, acquisition and win back campaigns by using incentives to engage and convert customers.

What We Do

Digital Fuel Performance helps to drive up your brand’s customer engagement & retention, increasing sales revenue with Incentive Marketing.

Incentive Marketing is a great way to add value to the buying process and also reward customers for business or referrals. Incentive Marketing is also good for building brand value within your wider marketing mix, helping customers understand the brand and product by giving them a gift or chance of winning a prize.

We support voucher, cashback and download sites and many more high quality incentive networks.

Our Approach

Digital Fuel Performance will build a detailed strategy that will utilise incentivised traffic for targeted results. We are fully GDPR compliant and have a deep working knowledge of both advertising and gambling regulatory bodies such as the ASA, ICO and Gambling Commission.

We help your business to:

Improve contact with your customers – using customer data we can communicate in real time via telephone, online or offline

Gather feedback – utilising app review campaigns and customer surveys

Increase brand loyalty – building fully branded communications

Scale your business – cross-sell & up-sell to increase the life time value of existing customers

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